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This website is intended to promote my work, as well as the work of my collaborators. Since my line of work incorporates several areas, all of them concerning Oriental Therapies, I found it better to divide it according to the different areas, in order to give equal attention to each one of them.


Paula Madeira

paula_madeiraIn 1991 I got my Degree in Plant Science from Nottingham University (UK). In 1995 I began my studies of Complementary and Alternative Medicines. In 1999 I finished my Shiatsu course at the International School of Shiatsu ISS-Kiental/ Portugal . At the same time, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chikung and got the degree in 2001 in T C M College Lisbon / University of Nanjing (China). Those were followed by other body work therapies such as, Dorn Breuss, Shintai, Fascia and Sacrocraneal Therapy (with Clive Rada). In 1999 I began to study meditation in Self-Realization Fellowship of Paramahansa Yoganada (Krya Yoga), being initiated by a direct disciple of Yoganada. In 2002 I began my interest in the mediunship phenomenon. In 2006 I started to study the mediunship phenomenon connected with medicine. In 2005 I was initiated in Magnified Quantic Healing (Rodrigo Romo); in 2008 I began an advanced meditation training with Satya Narayan (Varanassi, India).

Currently, I am a teacher in the TCM College of Lisbon for IAM (Introduction to Acupuncture and Moxibustion), Gynaecology and Nursing. I´m also head of a Chinkung Instructors Training Course in the very same School and a TCM practicioner .

I carry on with my learning process concerning meditation, Chikung and Body Therapies. My work is focused on the development of the human being as a whole, both physical, emotional or spiritual, helping each one to take control of oneself and to increase its degree of self-awareness.

“There are 3 types of Medicine: Physical , Energetic and Spiritual , when man succeeds in uniting these three kinds of medicine, he shall reach perfection." Brother Domenico de Roma.