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Healing through the spine according to Dorn/Breuss

The vertebral spinal column is not only the central support structure of the body, but also a stable protective shell for the spinal cord. It is the main coordination centre for the functioning of organs, tissues and every cell of the body. Pain, dysfunction and tissue changes – not only in the back but also in every part of the body – frequently occur due to irritation of the nerves which branch in the spinal column, resulting in a displacement or blockade in one or more vertebrae.

dorn breuss

The DORN method

The realignment of the spinal column, according to Dorn, is a simple, yet safe, method, through which the therapist may correct deviations in the vertebral spinal column, as well as solve the problems in the spinal column, in the vertebral discs, degenerative pathologies, low back pain, sciatic, spinal disc herniation, scoliosis, prolapse and displacement of vertebrae: all these problems may be safely and easily treated through the Dorn-Breuss method with excellent results.

The Breuss massage:

breussIt consists on a soft massage in the area surrounding the spinal cord followed by its realignment . Its purpose is the relaxation of the working area, helping to ease and eliminate the pain of the spinal column, as well as hormonal balance.




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