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Fascia I Workshop PDF Print E-mail
fascia_1The fascia stores our joys and pains. By working on it, we are able to correct not only the posture, but also to free emotions retained in certain areas of the body.

The touch and the respect for the human being, together with our mental determination, are important aspects when working with fascia. Listening to the body, and allowing it enough space to express itself is fundamental.

Besides the techniques, this workshop help us to open up to the world and to ourselves. It gives us a wider awareness of ourselves.

In this workshop we will learn:
  • The origins and the theory of this therapy;
  • The situations in which the physiology of the fascia is used;
  • Its relationship with emotions, exercises,
  • Techniques for freeing the fascia and the unwinding.
workshop fascia

Techniques to be explored:

  • Treatment of the whole superior support of the fascia.
  • Treatment of the fascia according to the posture of the body.
  • Treatment of the superficial fascia of the abdomen;
  • Specific treatment of the neck and diaphragms.

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