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The Traditional Chinese Medicine has been part of my life since 1996, when I began studying it at the Traditional Chinese Medicine College Lisbon. I graduated in 2001, but only in 2004 was able to go to China for further hospital training .

I ´m a Traditional Chinese Medicine practicionar since 2001, and I have evolved with it. In 2002 I started teaching “Introduction to Acupuncture and Moxibustion” in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Collage.

In 2003 I was invited to lead one of the clinical teams in the same Collage. Teaching was not necessarily my first choice, but it has helped me to grow as a person, and today I love what I do!


In my work as a therapist, I try to apply the teachings which were passed on to me, as well as the ones that I came up with. I see the human being as a whole, in his physical, mental and spiritual domains.

Along the years, I have learned much with my patients, to whom I am very grateful, not only for their trust , but also for their contribution in making me a better T C M practicioner

Traditional Chinese Medicine has Taoist origins and is divided in 5 branches:

Acupuncture: Consists in the introduction of filiform needles in specific points or tsubos on the skin, in order to unblock, disperse or invigorate the energy of the meridians. This type of therapy is increasingly frequent in the West.

Phitotherapy: Consists in the prescription of medicinal plants either as pills or decoccions.

Tui Na: Chinese Therapeutic Massage

Dietetics: The use of food according to the condition of each patient, in order to improve his energetic status.

Chikung: Slow and rhythmic movements, together with breathing and concentration, for the purpose of energising and regulating the energetic system of the body.

Appointments: They consist in a diagnosis according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where the energetic status of the patient is evaluated, as well as the strategies to be applied. Afterwards a treatment is applied, which consists in acupuncture and massage. Phitotherapy, Chikung or Dietetics may or may not be prescribed, according to each condition. The appointments last between one hour and hour and a half.


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