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Taoist Sexual Alchemy, from Transformation to Integration PDF Print E-mail
Curso avançado ( Alquimia Sexual Taoista II)- Fusão I e II, Nei kung da medula óssea PDF Print E-mail
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O Curso avançado de Alquimia Sexual Taoista II encontra-se dividido em duas partes:

  • A) Fusão I, II - A Alquimia interna
  • B) Camisa de Ferro II, Nei Kung da medula óssea, Chikung do Tantian Nei Kung da medula óssea.
Fascia I Workshop PDF Print E-mail
fascia_1The fascia stores our joys and pains. By working on it, we are able to correct not only the posture, but also to free emotions retained in certain areas of the body.

The touch and the respect for the human being, together with our mental determination, are important aspects when working with fascia. Listening to the body, and allowing it enough space to express itself is fundamental.

Besides the techniques, this workshop help us to open up to the world and to ourselves. It gives us a wider awareness of ourselves.

Fascia II workshop PDF Print E-mail


Practical applications.

This workshop will approach the several areas of work concerning the fascia, and its application for specific conditions.

The fascia may be worked in different ways. In this workshop we will approach the work of Myers, with his vision of the fascial meridians, and of Schwind, with the several areas of the body and the relation between muscle and fascia.

We will learn treatment techniques for:
  • Respiratory track
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Release of fascia lata
  • Treatment of hip joint in case of arthritis
  • Treatment of fascia and membrane system after whiplash
  • Treatment after pregnancy and birth
Chi Nei Tsang I Workshop PDF Print E-mail

cin_nei_tsang_1This Thai massage has the purpose of releasing blockages in the internal organs, allowing the reestablishment of free flow of energy in the organs. It helps to relax and promotes healing through techniques applied directly over the belly button and the rest of the abdomen, where the toxins and negative emotions accumulate and cause restriction to the Chi circulation. This area is particularly linked with emotions. In the West, this area is known as the second brain and the Taoists call it Tan Tien. If its blocked, the energy of the whole body will also be blocked. The CNT is therefore effective for liberating negative emotions, tensions and toxines, bringing about well-being and relief to the abdominal area, as well as vital energy to the internal organs. CNT is very effective in the treatment of digestive problems, such as: Irritable bowl syndrome, swelling and constipation. It eliminates toxins from the gastrointestinal tract and promotes lymphatic drainage. Chi Nei Tsang is part of the Healing Tao system and combines Chikung with massage and meditation techniques.

Workshop Healing Trough the Spine PDF Print E-mail

Healing through the spine according to Dorn/Breuss

The vertebral spinal column is not only the central support structure of the body, but also a stable protective shell for the spinal cord. It is the main coordination centre for the functioning of organs, tissues and every cell of the body. Pain, dysfunction and tissue changes – not only in the back but also in every part of the body – frequently occur due to irritation of the nerves which branch in the spinal column, resulting in a displacement or blockade in one or more vertebrae.

dorn breuss