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massagemMy incursion in the Oriental Arts began in 1995 in the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, where I took my Shiatsu Course.

In 1997 I began to work with Clive Radda, organizing his workshops in Portugal. With him I learned several body techniques : Shintai, Dorn Breuss, Sacrocraneal and Fascia Therapy. Recently I started working with other techniques, such as Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang, which I learned with the Taoist Master Mantak Chia in Thailand.

The touch is something that I take very seriously. It provides direct access to the interior of the person and she shows herself exactly as she is, without masks. If there is trust in our touch, the person will give us permission (most of the times unconsciously) to touch their souls, which may be of great responsibility.

During my practice as TCM therapist, I have seen the benefits of the combination of massage with acupuncture, both physically and psychologically.
The several types of massage could and should be applied according to the type of person, their opening to this type of work, and/or the type of pathology.

In my treatments, I usually try to use a fusion of different techniques, according to the situation.

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cin_nei_tsang_1It means “energetic massage to the internal organs" through the abdomen. Obstructions in the internal organs may result in simple knots or in a tangle of knots in the abdomen. This Thai massage started in the Taoist monasteries, with the purpose of helping monks to detoxify, to strengthen and to purify their bodies for their spiritual practices. The abdomen is the point of convergence and of control for the vital force of the organism. The meridians, nervous system, blood vessels and lymph nodes, all of them flow to it. The concerns, daily tensions and stress, gradually accumulate in the physical body and cause obstructions, which may be felt as formations of “knots” in the nerves, arteries and lymphatic system. This creates a gradual obstruction in the energetic system of the abdomen. These blockages may cause conditions, such as indigestion, obstipation, abdominal swelling, insomnia, general intoxication of the body, skin problems, and difficulties in weight loss.

cin_nei_tsang_2Therefore, Chi Nei Tsang has the purpose of unblocking these knots, re-establishing the free circulation of the energy in the organs. It helps to relax and promotes healing, through techniques applied directly over the belly button and the rest of the abdomen, where the toxins and negative emotions might accumulate, causing restrictions to the free flow of the Chi. In the West, this area is known as the second brain and the Taoists call it Tan Tien. When blocked, the energy of the whole body will also be blocked. Being this area closely linked with emotions, the application of Chi Nei Tsang is effective in the liberation of negative emotions, tensions and diseases, bringing well-being and relief to the abdominal area, as well as vital energy to the internal organs. CNT is very effective in the treatment of digestive problems, such as: Irritable bowel syndrome, swelling and constipation; it eliminates toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and helps the lymphatic drainage.

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fasciaFascia is an aponevrotic formation which covers muscles, organs, nerves, veins and cells of the body. Its function is, amongst others, to synchronize the movements of the body, securing a good communication between muscles, organs, nerves, as well as between the former and the bone and skeletal system. It separates, supports, connects and protects every part of the body.

This three-dimensional web of living tissue changes according to the needs of the body. It forms a web of information exchanges, which influences and is influenced by every structure and system of the organism.

The fascia covers the muscles, bones and organs, spreading even at cellular level.

A bad physical and mental posture, daily tensions, emotional shock, adversities, stress, trauma, etc, causes tensions in the fascia, troubling the energy flux of the former, as well as of every system it is part of, resulting in a physical and psychological ill-feeling.

In our body lies all our past. The freeing of the fascia allows us to release the traumas that the body hides, releasing us, and filling us with vitality and deeply connected with what is around us.

The therapy through the fascia makes use of soft strechings in order to unblock the body’s blocked energy.

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dorn-breuss_2It is a mix method for realignment of the spinal column. It uses the Breuss massage as a first approach to the treatment, followed by the method of realignment of the spinal and articulations of the body:

The Breuss massage:
It is a smooth massage around the spinal column. It is generally applied before staring the realignment of the vertebrae through the Dorn method. However, and due to its great power of relaxation, it can be used alone or combined with other type of therapy. The movements focus in the area of the sacrum and nerves around the spinal column. Therefore, it has a great impact, not only on the parasympathetic nervous system, but also on the elimination of toxins by the body. After the massage, the person feels quite relaxed and with a great sense of lightness. Its effect may last between 12 and 24h afterwords.

The Dorn Method
Consists on the application of pressure to the vertebra or joints, combined with small movements of the body to realign the structure. This method is different from osteopathic tecnics as it is less invasive but equally effective.

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shiatsuShiatsu uses finger pressure along the meridians and acupuncture points, in order to eliminate possible blockings and allow the Chi energy (or Ki in Japanese) to flow freely. Shiatsu was originated in China but developed in Japan. The regulation of the energy in the meridians has a strong result on the nervous system and on the psychological status of the patient. It is a very involving technique. Both therapist and patient are surrounded by the same type of energy, which both release and which both absorb. Although it is an excellent technique for both pacient and therapist, the therapist should portion his application to avoid physical exhaustion, even though respecting all the "energy safety" rules.

The “energy safety” rules, as we call them, should be taken more seriously by everyone who works with energy therapies. Any energy work should have a previous anchoring or rooting. If we connect to a greater force, besides being more protected in terms of vibrations, we will not deploy our precious Kidney energy and we will be more protected regarding less positive energies.

The therapist should regularly do energetic exercise such as Chikung or Taichi and train the discharge of negative energies, as well as the recharge of positive energies. In this matter, the work with crystals and trees (especially pine trees) may be our ally.